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Tarot in the Blue Tent

The tower tarot cardThis story is one of my favourites and Dear Damsels have selected it for their online collection in June 2018, so I’m very proud of it.

Tarot in the Blue Tent is an example of ‘writing what you know’, which is often sound advice for newish writers. I’m an enthusiastic medieval re-enactor and I love designing and sewing costumes for medieval events. And my usual role at these re-enactments is as a tarot card reader. So that’s two topics I’ve got direct experience of and have researched quite a bit.

On the topic of research, my friend author Natalie Fergie has done a lot of research on sewing machines and the west of Scotland at the turn of the 19/20th centuries. Her breadth of knowledge astounded me in her novel The Sewing Machine. Beautifully crafted, poignant and authentic, her book is well worth a read.

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On tenterhooks

Scottish Book Trust produce a delightful anthology of stories each autumn, selected from submissions from across Scotland. Its theme this year is Secrets and Confessions and the book will be launched during Book Week Scotland, 21-27 November. The little anthology is usually packed with stories and poems of all shapes and genres.
age-cannot-wither-her-smallMany of us are on tenterhooks because Scottish Book Trust is announcing the stories that have been selected in early September.

Rosalind Newton has submitted a poignant romance about her grandmother and a special portrait of her (pictured left) during the First World War.


Another writer friend of mine, Lucy Taylor, has  chosen her father as the topic in an emotional roller-coaster of a story. By coincidence I myself have put in a piece about my own father during his war service in Italy in 1944.

The Secrets and Confessions theme this year has certainly drawn out some heart-rending pieces.

Whether our stories are selected for publication or not they remain on the Scottish Book Trust web site for everyone to enjoy. Fingers crossed!

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