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Reader’s Choice: I am Here for You

via Reader’s Choice: I am Here for You

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November 30, 2018 · 12:25 pm

Dipping my toe into the water of poetry

Despite encouragement and advice from poets and writers of prose that I meet up with I have so far resisted writing in a poetry style. After a few glasses of wine I enjoy stringing together some rhyming doggerel and having a laugh.

But real poetry? no.poetry

I went to a short workshop a couple of years ago and realised that I didn’t understand the way poetry works and I shut the door of my mind to it.

All that changed during an Arvon course I attended at Lumb Bank. Ann Sansom, an inspirational and nurturing teacher (and writer) of poetry, got me started. She shed a light on the fact that some of my short flash fiction reads like poetry anyway, and that was the single aha! moment that banished my fear of trying.

I know I’m rambling but I have had a poem accepted for publication and it has made my day. Watch this space.

Thank you Ann!

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