Waiting a long time for judgement on a story

I get lots of rejections in response to my submitted stories, and I get some acceptances, too. Some organisations which have rejected my work have supplied unrequested yet highly valuable feedback. This is a real bonus to a developing writer.

Firewords QuarterlyFirewords is a superb example of a publication that responds quickly, lets you down gently yet tells you what was good about your story and how it could be improved. And they ask you please to submit again.  The people at Firewords to my mind are extraordinary in their understanding of writers.


In contrast, one rejection that came through last year was for a piece I had submitted seven months earlier. Now I have a lot of stories that I edit and submit on a regular basis but not enough that I can happily wait seven months for a decision on all of them.

Realistically, I knew after a couple of months that if they loved my work I would have heard from them. But hope always lingers, doesn’t it?

Some publications let you know within a fortnight or so and are kind in their response. I respect those publications. They must be run by writers.

Well, I didn’t mean to moan but I have worked out that organisations that respond quickly and helpfully have been in the business of evaluating writers’ work for a long time. Those who take ages and don’t understand how we feel are new to the role. They will no doubt learn in time. I suspect some writers will not submit a second time if they feel unappreciated.

For the moment I will remain loyal to people like Firewords and other organisations who email me to encourage further submissions.

As a new and rejection-familiar writer little gems of encouragement go a long way.




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