Day nine Nano word count now submitted, so a walk. Who was this, I wonder?

feathers-from-someoneI saw this little pile of grey feathers lying at the roadside as I walked in the country lane today. It was probably a bird yesterday. Pretty feathers, transient life.

A grey pigeon, perhaps? They land on the wires and coo every day.

We have some robins in the bushes by my window and I wonder if they are on their way to Africa for the winter but I don’t even know if they migrate.

I managed to write only a few words for my novel today but will make more of an effort tomorrow.

I passed the half way mark yesterday and heaved a great sigh of relief. And then I saw my watch had stopped. What is this magical power over me that insists on telling the wrong time during Nano? And now… spooky… the watch is going again. It had a rest for two hours…



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