Day four of NaNoWriMo – the novel grows but the water is cold

A new day dawns in Uzumlu and the sky is once more blue. Outside temperature at 8am was a chilly 4.5 degrees so the woolly cardigan has been dug out of the wardrobe.

uzumlu-morning-4-nov-smallStarting at the beginning and writing one chapter after another, I am working now on chapter three, and I am very satisfied with progress.

However today I think I shall work on some later sections of the novel, a bit scary. I am very conscious that the setting of this book is inadequate. I have rushed at it as a storyteller and need to be more of a writer. But these things can be fixed and I shall fix them.

I think I shall play a bit more with my novel’s mind map, which I have drawn up in FreeMind. Great fun and a very illuminating exercise for a novel. And it’s free!

Not sure that I can fix my lack of hot water, though. One of the amazing and delightful things about this house is the water tank on the roof that is always full of hot water – provided the sun is shining. And it is shining. It shines for almost all of every day. So I hope it’s a short blip as I don’t want another lukewarm shower tomorrow morning. hmmm…


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