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Day nine Nano word count now submitted, so a walk. Who was this, I wonder?

feathers-from-someoneI saw this little pile of grey feathers lying at the roadside as I walked in the country lane today. It was probably a bird yesterday. Pretty feathers, transient life.

A grey pigeon, perhaps? They land on the wires and coo every day.

We have some robins in the bushes by my window and I wonder if they are on their way to Africa for the winter but I don’t even know if they migrate.

I managed to write only a few words for my novel today but will make more of an effort tomorrow.

I passed the half way mark yesterday and heaved a great sigh of relief. And then I saw my watch had stopped. What is this magical power over me that insists on telling the wrong time during Nano? And now… spooky… the watch is going again. It had a rest for two hours…



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Day Seven of Nano – plenty of words and rain too, but what’s the time?

nanowrimo-crest-05e1a637392425b4d5225780797e5a76I’ve been here in Turkey for seven weeks now, and in that time it has only rained on two days. Every other day it has been sunny. This is so good for the spirit, regular blue sky and sunshine.

Even as I write I can see some shafts of light piercing the heavy pillows of cloud. Yesss! The sun may appear, but more writing will be done if I am confined to barracks because of rain.

My laptop is determined to tell me I have more hours left to write than I actually have. I keep resetting it to the correct time and it keeps changing it back when I’m not looking.

So today, knowing that I am in the Istanbul time zone and knowing that I am actually in western Turkey I have had to pretend to the laptop that I am in Minsk. Minsk is the sno-hands-clockame as Baghdad and Moscow so I hope the laptop doesn’t notice and allows me to stay three hours ahead of the UK.

And now to rain more words on the Nano novel.

And thank you, Simon Haynes, for telling me about FreeMind , the marvellous mind mapping tool that I have used to plot and plan my novel.

Day seven input here I come…

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Day four of NaNoWriMo – the novel grows but the water is cold

A new day dawns in Uzumlu and the sky is once more blue. Outside temperature at 8am was a chilly 4.5 degrees so the woolly cardigan has been dug out of the wardrobe.

uzumlu-morning-4-nov-smallStarting at the beginning and writing one chapter after another, I am working now on chapter three, and I am very satisfied with progress.

However today I think I shall work on some later sections of the novel, a bit scary. I am very conscious that the setting of this book is inadequate. I have rushed at it as a storyteller and need to be more of a writer. But these things can be fixed and I shall fix them.

I think I shall play a bit more with my novel’s mind map, which I have drawn up in FreeMind. Great fun and a very illuminating exercise for a novel. And it’s free!

Not sure that I can fix my lack of hot water, though. One of the amazing and delightful things about this house is the water tank on the roof that is always full of hot water – provided the sun is shining. And it is shining. It shines for almost all of every day. So I hope it’s a short blip as I don’t want another lukewarm shower tomorrow morning. hmmm…

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My first day’s Nano word total submitted


nanowrimo-crest-05e1a637392425b4d5225780797e5a76I am very pleased with my first day’s wordcount submission to Nano, a good start to get my novel off the ground. I also did a little bike ride and then a walk at sunset.

I am determined to keep fit, keep writing, keep submitting and keep heading towards that 50,000 word goal by 30 November.

The sunny weather helps even if cardigans are

I don’t believe in selfies, nor could I do a good one so here is a real pic of me and my shadow walking along the country lane in sunny Yesil Uzumlu in a glorious golden sunset. A bit Hallowe’en-ish really.

Day 2 here I come! Only four more hours to midnight!


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