What a useful coincidence

It’s only two days since I was bemoaning my inability to write some science fiction.

By total chance an email from the local library dropped into my inbox yesterday telling me about their new e-resources. Lo and behold they offer some online magazines. Best of all they have available my favourite magazine – New Scientist. It’s chock-full of snippets about science, medicine, climate, all sorts of information on Pluto in case I want to write about alien worlds. (I don’t)

scrabble wordwriting


So that’s today’s writing planned. I have no excuse at all to complain I’m short of ideas. I’m spoilt for choice in fact. Now I just need a plot, or some free writing to get me going…



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3 responses to “What a useful coincidence

    • Shirley Muir

      hello again, CS. It seems to me that sci-fi is a very broad term for stories with something or anything unexplained. I sort of think of Asimov and Bradbury and ACClarke but it’s much broader than that now, isn’t it? There’s a thin line between sci-fi and fantasy, it seems.

  1. Shirley Muir

    hello CS, yes I see you are a sci-fi person. I’ve now got 1800 words drafted and can start editing. The plot of sorts is in place. More will surely follow. At last! thank you for your reply.

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