Loads of people thrive on deadlines, great!

I see from woman’s magazine writer (and other credits) Helen Yendall, that a number of authors past and present regularly go head to head with deadlines.

evelyn waughHelen includes herself in this approach and says it forces her to get things done. hmm, me too, as I posted yesterday.

She quotes Charles Dickens (below), Evelyn Waugh (right) and Kasuo Ishiguro as working hard in the struggle to meet agent’s deadlines and finish pieces. There’s hope for me then.

Thanks Helen, I’m glad to be in good company!




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3 responses to “Loads of people thrive on deadlines, great!

  1. I set my own deadlines, but I should be harder on myself.

    • Shirley Muir

      hello CS Wilde, good to hear from you.
      You must be very disciplined to meet your own deadlines. Well done.
      I’m always more afraid of missing someone else’s deadline than my own. Particularly if that deadline was for a competition entry or a call from a magazine or ezine.
      Then I have to chide myself for letting myself down.

  2. Definitely helps to have soemthing to aim towards.

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