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New Year Resolutions are SO worthwhile

ovencl1This morning, having finally got over a streaming cold and eating too much christmas pud, I woke with new enthusiasm for my writing. Casting aside the box of tissues and the packs of paracetamol I was raring to go.

So much so that I pre-empted New Year and made an early resolution. Today, I vowed, I would submit five items for writing competitions. I have a good up to date calendar of competitions ranging from 500-word flash fiction to 5000 word short stories. More than six of these have closing dates in the next five weeks.

Well, I have had such a productive day! And it isn’t even five pm.

I have sent off some CDs to a friend who is starting up a film club, bought and posted a gorgeous card for my best friend’s birthday, drawn some cash out of the ATM, taken a huge bag of clothes to the charity shop, walked along the beach and admired the massive waves,been blown sideways by the gale-force winds, put on the dishwasher – and cleaned the oven!



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